Kokolokahi Massage

Kokolokahi Massage

The name kokolokahi originates from 'koko' referring to the coconut oil that is the base ingredient in all the oils and the Hawaiian word 'lokahi' meaning 'a balance' or 'harmony'.

The kokolokahi massage combines different aspects of traditional and holistic massage techniques.

Start the kokolokahi journey with scent selection to find the best oil to match your needs.

Fire - Strength - Enchence your wellbeing

Air - Revive - Elevate your aura

Earth - Balance - Ground your mind

Water - Serenity - Calm your inner peace

Spirit - Harmony - Warm your soul


Kokolokahi Back Massage

Kokolokahi Back Massage - 30mins - £25

Kokolokahi Full Body Massage

Kokolokahi Full Body Massage - 60mins - £40

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