Divine Collection

Divine Collection

Divinely Enchanting

An indulgent face and scalp massage, using restore well being oil.

Divinely Enchanting - 30mins - £30

Divinely Nourishing

A luxurious full body massage using pure coconut oil.

Areas massaged: back, legs and arms.

Divinely Nourishing - 60mins - £45

Divine Escape

This massage is all about empowerment as ancient, modern and holistic techniques are integrated, taking you on a captivating journey that envelops the senses, elevating personal wellbeing to the highest level.

The Divine Escape treatment harnesses the power of Koshi Chimes, calming and reassuring rose quartz crystal along with a lavender wheat eye pillow.

Areas massaged: legs, arms, neck, scalp and back.

Divine Escape - 80mins - £70

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